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Harman Kardon HK 990
Giá : 31,200,000 VND
Mã số: Harman Kardon HK 990
  • 150W x 2 into 8 ohms, 20Hz – 20kHz, at <0.07% THD, with all channels driven simultaneously
  • High-current (±100 amps), ultrawide-bandwidth (10Hz – 100kHz) amplifier design
  • Six analogue stereo audio inputs
  • Two analogue recording outputs
  • Four digital inputs (two optical and two coaxial)
  • Dual subwoofer outputs to connect up to two active subwoofers
  • One coaxial digital output for recording
  • Two real balanced inputs, using XLR connectors
  • One HRS (high-resolution synchronization) link
  • 2.2-Channel processor input allows the use of external audio processors
  • Two high-quality phono inputs for connection of record players with an MM or MC cartridge
  • 2.2 Preamp outputs allow the use of external power amplifiers
  • Remote control input and output
  • Heavy-duty binding posts allow for the use of speaker cables up to 10mm2
  • Headphone output
  • High Current Capability provides the instantaneous current necessary to precisely drive and control nearly any loudspeaker system
  • Ultra wide-bandwidth amplifier design for improved transient accuracy and phase linearity
  • Low negative feedback for further improved dynamic accuracy
  • Use of discrete electronic circuitry to provide the highest performance level
  • Dual-path technology allows for pure analogue or pure digital audio processing within the same product
  • EzSet/EQ room optimization for quick and accurate system setup, optimized for two channels and two subwoofers
  • Symmetric (balanced) XLR analogue inputs offer lower noise levels and higher Signal-to-Noise performance
  • RLS IV digital-to-analogue conversion technology, with dual conversion using two stereo AD1955 high-grade DACs
  • The HRS link allows Harman Kardon CD players to lock themselves to the external clock of the amplifier for a jitter-free connection, similar to having the CD playback inside the amplifier
  • Dual differential input stages with their own high-voltage supply, resulting in high gain and low noise
  • Cascoded predriver stage considerably reduces high-frequency distortion, allowing crystal-clear high frequencies, free from any harsh sound
  • Thermal Tracking Mechanism using ThermalTrakTM output stage transistors that include internal temperature sensors to bias the current of the output stage in real time
  • Sophisticated electronic protection circuitry guards the amplifier from short-circuiting or from damaged speakers and wires, without impairing sound quality, by using current-limiting or output relays
  • DC servo to ensure that the DC level of the amplifier output will stay within a contained limit at any condition
  • Multiple protection circuits will switch the amplifier off in case overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature or DC protection is detected
  • Dual toroidal transformers and up to 16.000µF of supply filtering per channel will allow high channel separation and tight bass control, even with a low-impedance load
  • Dual-line dot-matrix display
  • Record out available in both digital and analogue domains (two analogue outputs and one coaxial digital output)
  • Remote A/B speaker switching
  • IR remote extension jacks for control of the amplifier when placed in a cabinet
  • Harman Kardon system remote for control of compatible Harman Kardon CD players and tuners
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