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Sản phẩm / CDP MUSIC HALL Player
Giá : 10,400,000 VND
Mã số: CD15.2

    Paul’s lyrics are a perfect description of the cd15.2’s performance. It’s a smooth, rich, open, and musical sounding CD player that maintains the roots of music’s rhythm.  

    The cd15.2 is the result of years of research and technological development squeezed into a pure and simple design. The player is the ideal partner for the a15.2 integrated amp.

  • 24bit/192kHz Burr-Brown PCM 1739 DAC
  • brushed aluminum faceplate
  • Sanyo DA11SLM CD transport mechanism
  • gold plated stereo output
  • power saving standby operation
  • coax and optical digital outputs
  • removable power cord
  • special padded vibration damping feet
  • voltage switchable
  • system remote control
  • easy to view display
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